~ Tennis in Paradise ~


The club has an active coaching program for juniors and adults. Coaching is provided by our highly qualified coach, Herold Prins who is also available for private lessons. Please contact Herold Prins at herold@metame.com.au or 0423 917 503 if you would like to know more about his coaching program.


My name is Herold Prins. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and played Tennis at a professional level from the ages of 17 to 19. However, I later pursued an academic pathway, studying subjects such as Tropical Ecology, Sport Psychology, Human Behavior, and Marine Biology. I obtained my PhD in sustainable tropical forestry in Guyana and have lectured on various subjects at both the university and high school levels.

During my career, I have coached students in various disciplines, including alpine skiing, ice speed skating, sailing and windsurfing, ultimate frisbee, scuba diving, and tennis. I have been coaching tennis for over 25 years at the Port Douglas Tennis Club. 

My coaching philosophy is based on the following principles:

Using tennis as a comprehensive training tool: I firmly believe that through tennis practice, we can instill essential values in the community, such as sportsmanship, respect for opponents, camaraderie, effort, discipline, among others. This contributes not only to the sporting aspect of individuals but also to their personal lives.

Promoting physical activity: Our primary goal is to encourage and promote physical activity to improve the physical and mental health of our community in a pleasant environment.

Teaching and development: We have developed a program created by our group of professionals that focuses on improving various fundamental areas such as motor skills, technique, tactics, game situations, and more.

Lastly, I believe that creating an enjoyable environment is crucial for inspiration. We must not forget that tennis is a game, and many of our clients are children who need to be amazed and entertained to ignite their imagination and engage in playful activities. We understand that they learn best through movement and play.

So, let's play the game of tennis and have fun!